Sponsor Presentation Hockerty

Hockerty is producing made to measure clothing for men, being the fastest tailor in the world. Ordering on day one, the customer can receive their made to measure clothing on day 15, delivered to their door. The main vision is to offer the freedom to express oneself through the clothing and feeling comfortable in pieces that fit well. 

Founded in 2008, Hockerty has more than 300 000 customers worldwide. Their approach to fashion brings together the convenience of online shopping and the experience of having clothes custom made. The luxurious opportunity to design your garments and have them made to measure comes at an affordable price range. Hockerty fits every body and shape and offers a great selection of fabrics and styles. Twice a year, the brand introduces a new collection of materials including premium, high-quality fabrics. 

What started as a made to measure suit tailor has recently developed into a brand offering a huge range of made to order products, such as shirts, coats, or even jeans. Hockerty has launched custom dress shoes in 2020, soon followed by custom boots and loafers. Basically, they can dress men from head to toe. 

Hockerty only produces garments that will actually be worn. They operate on a made to order basis, aiming at zero waste and no overstock. Optimization of production processes and selection of sustainable fabrics make them a brand that thinks green.

Hockerty knows that fit matters. That’s why they offer a Perfect Fit guarantee for rare cases when the garment does not fit 100%. Any additional alterations made by a local tailor will be covered by the company’s guarantee policy. 

Hockerty has a sister brand called Sumissura. Sumissura was founded in 2013 and aims to dress women regardless of their sizes or shapes. At Hockerty and Sumissura, sizes have no place. They only need unique bodies’ measurements to dress them perfectly. 

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