Who am I?

my name is Markus André Mayer. I am 44 years old and a passionate Vespa fan from Waltenhofen in the Allgäu.

In 2017 I was able to combine 3 of my passions (Vespa, charity work and social media) in the Giro Germanica. With the help of Vespa clubs from German-speaking countries, I was able to generate over € 25,000 in donations for the forest pirate camp of the German children’s cancer foundation on a 42-day donation trip.

My mission

I have decided to dedicate the whole of 2021 full-time to collecting donations for children with cancer by starting 3 initiatives to raise donations for 40 cancer organizations in 40 countries in Europe.

On my first big tour in 2014 somewhere in Spain

For 2021 I am now planning a much bigger campaign: within 8 months I would like to unite the entire European Vespa scene through a large donation trip around Europe with several linked measures, in order to support at least 40 national cancer foundations and care centers € 250,000 to collect. To carry out this heart project, I will need a total of about 14 months and the cooperation of sponsors. Through various large travel projects such as my 80 days around the world in 2018, my USA crossing in 2017 or my European tour in 2014, I was already able to build a worldwide reputation and substantial reach, which help me immensely in the implementation of the project. I currently reach more than 1.2 million people / month via my social media channels.

The contacts to the national clubs throughout Europe make it possible to identify suitable donation targets in advance, such as the League contra Cancro in Portugal and to coordinate the planned measures and events in the respective countries. As part of the trip I plan to set up 3 Guiness Book world records and thus also draw the interest of the public and the media to the facilities, clubs and the fundraising campaign.

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