25.000 kms for Kids with Cancer

Vespa Gentleman Giro

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”

– Voltaire

The rough plan

25,000 km through 40 European countries. The specific route will depend on the 200+ clubs that I would like to meet on the way to collect donations.

"Eleanore" - The Ride

For the tour I use a Vespa V50N from 1971. It will be the longest 50cc scooter ride ever.

Impressions from the Vespa Giro Germanica 2017

I carried out my first donation trip in 2017 and visited 5 countries in 42 days with a result of over € 25,000 for the Children’s Cancer Foundation and Children’s Cancer Aid. The “Waldpiratencamp” in Heidelberg was specifically chosen as the target.

They dont bite - They just wanna play
Route of the Giro 2017
Handing over the Donation at "Waldpiraten" in Heidelberg

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