At an insane 47 km / h in the cockpit of an Ape50

A crazy idea was born between crackling and two-stroke fragrance

Lost in thought in my Ape, with a breathtaking top speed of 47 km / h on the way back from Portugal to Germany, a fixed thought never let go of me.

The idea of a charity event for children with cancer like in 2017. Only, this time bigger than the Giro Germanica in 2017. I no longer wanted to travel just 42 days and 5 countries on my Vespa. I wanted more.

The idea has now turned into a gigantic project – the GENTLEMAN GIRO 2021 :

  • 40 European countries

  • 25,000 kilometers

  • 2.5 hp Vespa

  • 150,000-250,000 € donations

  • 200 clubs

  • 240 stops

  • 8 months

  • in a suit and tie

The external circumstances with all the regulations and restrictions are added to the organization this time. Nevertheless, I am confident that the experiences from my previous adventure trips are an advantage here.

Why am I doing this? Because I’m able to do it! And because I want to bring people together, create beautiful moments by conjuring up smiles on faces and, of course, because it’s my passion to do good and ride a Vespa at the same time. I would also like to give the Vespa clubs a signal of hope that “normality” is approaching.

With my heart project 2021 I want to inspire people, grow myself, do good and have fun