Sponsor presentation Schöngeist

Why Schöngeist for my project?

Martina loves everything beautiful – fashion, design, architecture, art, photography, nature, sunsets, a nicely laid table, good company, beauty and its details. She likes to combine materials and colors, is the extrovert and eager to experiment with friends and family sets highlights with her constantly crazy ideas in mind that want to get out. Networking and organizing are just as much a part of her life as good wine. She likes to share her knowledge with others. Martina is witty and empathetic. She is Frau Schöngeist.

Martina Gödert is SCHÖNGEIST

Simple, short and sweet! SCHÖNGEIST (point)

In my heart project, she supported me in graphic matters, with the design of the brochures and business cards. The color of my wardrobe will be matched by Martina to my “color type” after a color type consultation that we did in autumn 2020.

Brainstorming, exchange of views and meeting sponsorships are part of our collaboration. She also supported me with some translations and the design and implementation of the seasons and was in Italy for the start of the Italian gentleman season. She helps at all corners and ends. Sometimes just to bring order to my chaos in my head 😉

Schöngeist art and design

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