I am not planning a Vespa trip

I am setting up a 1 person NGO

Sponsors Brochure

To do’s – without end

  • Layout and design sponsor brochures, feed them with content, and finally put them into print. Brochures Preferred sponsors to distribute.

  • Have conversations.

  • Explain the idea of the trip.

  • Telephone calls, video calls, e-mails, conversations via all social media channels with the tin scooter and Vespa clubs (in different languages).

  • Gather around 1,200 club addresses from 40 countries and link them through the media.

  • Contact 40 cancer organizations in collaboration with local friends who have supported me here.

  • Create website and translate into 5 languages.

  • Layout business cards with QR codes for donation page.

  • Prepare press articles and distribute them to press agencies and Scooter Magazines.

  • Develop logos for different uses.

  • Have merchandise items made.

The day is filled from 9:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. at night or even later when I finally fall asleep on my mobile phone. But, the cancer does not sleep either and also has no lockdown. Because I’m not planning a fun ride here, but I have a mission:

To collect as much money as possible for cancer centers in Europe!

My passion for this project allows me to be productive and creative.

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